Ben.eth Refunds Victims After $170K Loss in Steve Aoki Hack

• Ben.eth, the founder of $PSYOP, promised to refund victims after Steve Aoki’s Twitter account was hacked and used for a phishing scam that caused $170k in losses.
• Ben.eth unwittingly quote tweeted the post containing the phishing link thinking it was from the real Steve Aoki.
• On-chain sleuth Zachxbt raised the alarm and alerted Ben.eth, who immediately deleted the tweet to stop further losses.

Steve Aoki Hacked

On May 26th, hackers compromised Steve Aoki’s Twitter account and managed to perpetrate a phishing scam using a fake airdrop link for the $PSYOP memecoin. This led to roughly $170,000 in losses for people exposed to the link. On-chain sleuth Zachxbt quickly raised the alarm and alerted Ben.eth, who is the founder of PSYOP, about what happened leading him to delete his tweet and prevent further losses from occurring.

Ben.Eth Unwittingly Posts Phishing Link

Unfortunately, before this occurred Ben.eth had unwittingly quote tweeted the post containing this phishing link thinking it was from Steve Aoki himself which then lead more people into falling victim of this scam as they believed it was legitimate due to being posted by someone highly trusted in crypto circles like Ben himself.

Ben Promises Refunds To Victims

In response to this situation, Ben promised he would personally refund everyone who lost their Ethereum due to clicking on this malicious link by asking them to reach out via email so he could confirm they had indeed been affected by it or not before sending out reimbursements if applicable.

Steve Aoki Remains Silent

So far neither Steve nor his team have made any public statement regarding what happened but shortly after news broke out about what had transpired several people reached out directly with him through social media platforms such as Twitter asking for commentaries or clarifications on what had happened but none have been given yet as of writing these lines.


Overall, while unfortunate events can still occur even when dealing with highly reputable individuals such as Steve Aoki or projects like PSYOP; thankfully those responsible are taking responsibility for their actions by trying their best at remedying any harm that has been caused due to their negligence in some way or another so that we can all learn something from these experiences and become better moving forward together as an industry towards more secure networks than ever before!