Bitcoin Breaks $31K, DeFi Ecosystem Expands with rETH Collateral

• Bitcoin breaks $31k as it continues to shake off recent slumps
• Supreme court rules in favor of Coinbase, issues order to move user lawsuit into arbitration
• Binance’s legal woes intensify as Brazil lawmaker seeks to question general manager

Bitcoin Breaks $31K

Bitcoin has broken the $31,000 barrier despite recent volatility in the cryptocurrency market. This news comes after the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of Coinbase and issued an order to move a user lawsuit into arbitration.

FTX Files Complaint

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX has filed a complaint against “super-networker” Bankman-Fried, seeking to retrieve more than $700 million in connections courted by him. Stably, meanwhile, has paused withdrawals and minting due to Prime Trust halting deposits.

Binance’s Legal Woes Intensify

Binance’s legal troubles continue to mount as a Brazilian lawmaker seeks answers from its general manager. The company is also facing potential lawsuits from US investors who claim that they were misled about its operations.

MakerDAO Onboards Rocket Pool

MakerDAO recently announced that Spark Protocol will onboard Rocket Pool’s staked Ethereum (rETH) as a new collateral type for users to leverage their digital assets for DeFi purposes. MakerDAO also raised the protocol’s borrowing power by 400%.


Bitcoin continues to make bullish moves despite recent volatility while exchanges are being held accountable for their actions in court cases and legal disputes intensify for major crypto companies like Binance. Meanwhile, platforms like MakerDAO are making strides with integrations such as with Rocket Pool that benefit users looking for greater access and liquidity when utilizing digital assets in DeFi ecosystems.