BlackRock CEO Praises Crypto: ‚Digitizing Gold‘ With Bitcoin an ‚International Asset‘

• Binance.US is currently facing a 8% Bitcoin discount due to liquidity issues caused by the SEC filing a lawsuit against them.
• Tether (USDT) has addressed the fears of a complete breakdown in peg with USD, despite the price volatility on Binance.US
• Several notable figures have praised Bitcoin as an international asset and compared it to „digitizing gold“.

Binance US Faces 8% Bitcoin Discount

Binance.US has been experiencing huge price swings with its US dollar pairs since the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against it. Data from Binance.US indicates that BTC is trading at $27,705.59 at the time of writing, around $3000 less than what it sells for on rival platforms like Coinbase, Kraken and BitStamp. Other digital assets such as Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Solana (SOL) are also experiencing a pronounced discount on Binance.US due to liquidity issues arising from the SEC lawsuit.

Tether Addresses Depeg Fears

In light of this situation, Tether has addressed fears of a complete depeg with USD despite the price volatility experienced on Binance US. The stablecoin issuer reaffirmed its commitment to maintaining parity between USDT and USD by providing regular audits and updates about its holdings of actual cash reserves backing its tokens in circulation .

Notable Figures Praise Bitcoin

Meanwhile, several notable figures have voiced their approval of Bitcoin as an international asset and compared it to „digitizing gold“. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink praised Bitcoin as an ‘international asset’ while CZ denied rumors that senior executives were resigning due to ongoing regulatory challenges faced by industry leaders such as Bitwage who had recently halted USDC payments for US residents citing strict regulations .

Shards And Layer-2s: Unpacking NEAR And Ethereum’s Contrasting Approaches To Blockchain Scalability

The article also touched upon two contrasting approaches taken by blockchain projects NEAR and Ethereum towards scalability – shards and layer- 2s respectively . In order to ensure faster transaction speeds , NEAR aims to use shards or independent chains that can process transactions independently while still utilizing shared resources across them; whereas Ethereum is focusing more on layer- 2 solutions which involve offloading certain computational intensive tasks onto separate layers so that they don’t get bogged down by network congestion .

Valkyrie Refiles Spot-Bitcoin ETF Application With Coinbase Surveillance Partner

Finally, Valkyrie refiled its spot-Bitcoin ETF application this week with Coinbase named as its surveillance partner in order to help detect potential manipulation in markets related to cryptocurrency investments . This marks yet another step towards gaining approval from regulators for cryptocurrency ETFs which have been met with skepticism in past years but are slowly gaining traction again thanks to recent developments .